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2022 Summer Reading Guide


This is one of my favorite days of the entire year – I spend basically 365 days of the year thinking about the next Summer Reading Guide and I’m so happy with how this year’s guide came together.

It’s time to whip out your library card or load up your Kindle or order a few physical books for summer. Whatever your preferred way of getting your hands on these titles is, these are all great books to read this summer.

As in past years, I try to make sure it’s a healthy mix of both new releases and older titles because as a heavy library user myself, I know how deeply frustrating it is when I go to my library to request books from a summer reading list and every. single. book. has a request line 100 people long. It’s so annoying!

This is the eighth annual Summer Reading Guide and whether you want something to read on your own or aloud to your kids, to listen to or read on paper, fiction or non-fiction, I hope you’ll find exactly the right titles to make your summer reading extra enjoyable.

summer reading guide

This year, the summer reading guide includes five categories with five books per category.

For each book, I’m sharing a short description of the book so you can quickly decide whether it’s something you’ll love or one you can skip.

And, like the last couple of years, I’ve included a printable version that you can get sent directly to your email. Not only does it have all the books in one handy place, but there are bonus book recommendations, extra categories with new and old titles, and lots of tips about reading with your kids or taking advantage of library resources.

Plus, it has all the titles on a single page if you want to print it out and take it to the library with you!

I hope it makes it easier than ever to have your best summer of reading. Just pop your email in the form below and it’ll come right to your inbox:

And now . . .without further ado, the 2022 Summer Reading Guide!





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  1. I LOVE your summer reading guides. I don’t know how you manage to always find new, fantastic titles—I’m excited for this list every year. Huge thank you for all the time compiling—I can’t wait to start reading!

  2. Oh my goodness! YEAH!!! Thank you so much, I love this and always look forward to it. Your recommendations are always so good!

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