6 Munchkin Must-Haves + the Best Baby Bottle

    May 25, 2017

    the best baby bottle on the market

    the best baby bottle on the market

    This post is sponsored by Munchkin who makes the most fun and functional products for babies and children

    All of my children are pretty close in age, with the four of them spanning just over six and a half years, but it’s amazing how many great new products have been available with each of my babies.

    From bigger, better swaddle blankets to improved baby carriers and carseats, I feel like there are so many products that make the day-to-day with little ones just a bit easier.

    And nobody makes better baby products than Munchkin. I feel like they constantly hit the perfect balance between kid-friendly items and adult usability. My girls love their products and I find them equally delightful.

    the best baby bottle on the market

    Here are six  products we have, love, and use frequently:

    1. Bath Toys. I bathe my children more for my mental health than for cleanliness (although freshly washed hair and clean little toes are a very nice side bonus). Mainly, I stick them in the tub when I need them to play in a contained area while I read a book or just sit on the floor next to the tub and have a little mental break. Back when Ella was about a year old and Bart was in the middle of busy season and didn’t get home until 11 p.m., I’d give her a bath every single night just to make that long long afternoon go by a little faster. And then I’d put her to bed at 6:15. Our favorite bath toys have always been the Munchkin toys, from the bath crayons to the magnetic fishing rod. I’m also irrationally delighted by these goofy little windup swimming penguins.
    2. Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup. Once we got our new minivan, Bart was militant about there not being spills in the car. Water bottles are basically a direct path to soaking children, carseats, and carpet, so these no-spill cups are the only ones allowed in the car. I’d already loved the miracle cups, but I’m completely enamored with the stainless steel ones because they keep water cold for up to 15 hours. Plus, they look so sleek.
    3. Stainless steel snack catcher. I might possibly be really into the stainless steel look. I’ve never been a big snack catcher fan but with these new stainless steel ones, I find myself pulling them out all the time because they just look so nice. And my children, of course, as wild about them. Also, the lid that attaches to the side is so nice so you don’t end up with Goldfish crackers all over the bottom of your purse.
    4. Pacifier Clips. With Star, I bought two Munchkin pacifier clips and they’ve lasted fantastically (she still uses a pacifier in her crib), but when I went to buy some just before Tally was born, my Target was out of them. I bought two different brands instead and both of them were total flops. Happily, I was able to find some Munchkin clips at another store and all is right with the world again. They really are the best clips with cute designs, an attachment that works with basically every kind of pacifier, and a clip that stays on but also doesn’t take super-human strength to remove.
    5. Disposable Bibs. A few years ago, we switched almost exclusively to the plastic bibs you can wipe off. I was so tired of too-small fabric ones that stained or didn’t give enough coverage. But I don’t want to take bibs when we’re traveling or eating out and then have to bring home a soiled bib, so I think this pack of 24 disposable bibs is the most brilliant thing ever. I swear, Munchkin thinks of everything.
    6. The Luna Gate. I’ve always thought that baby gates were the ugliest things on the planet and constantly falling over or sitting crookedly. But the Luna Gate is just perfect. Mine has been on my office door, right off our living room, for months and it’s legitimately not an eyesore (you can see it here). It hasn’t moved an inch since I installed it, and it’s easy to open one-handed.

    And there’s no way I could talk about Munchkin products without talking about the LATCH bottle. I love everything about it – it’s for sure the best baby bottle out there. I own about eight of them and although we have a smattering of other bottles left over from Ella and Ani’s bottle days, I never reach for them because the LATCH bottle is SO much better.

    I made a little video all about how much I’ve loved this bottle for my third and fourth babies, plus plenty of little baby facial expressions. Maybe it’s just because it’s my baby, but I could watch her all day (okay, it’s totally because it’s my baby).

    From the beautiful design of the bottle itself to the rest of the LATCH line (from breast pads that are 5x thinner than regular ones to bottle sterilization sleeves and even a car bottle warmer, they’ve thought of everything), there’s nothing you could need to breast or bottle feed your infant that they don’t have.

    All you have to provide is the actual baby.

    And, as part of the LATCH On Movement, they’re giving away 500 free Latch bottles (plus they’ll gift one to a mama friend too!). Just hop over and sign up and your bottle will be on its way!

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