Winter Challenge: Pattern Mixing

Fridays make me happy. Especially Fridays where Landen has offered to babysit and we’re going out to dinner. Hooray!

Also playgroup at the park. Hello, I am a mom. But a mom wearing a leopard-print belt.

Shirt: Old Navy, Sweater: H&M, Belt: Forever 21
Jeans: Target, Boots: JC Penny


I’m participating in Kayla’s Winter Challenge. Check it out on her blog:

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  1. I like this outfit especially because it is unfussy. Like, I can visualize you physically picking up Ella in the park while you wear this. Sometimes, fashion blogger get-ups fail in this aspect for me.

  2. I just read through all your posts (I only read blogs on the weekend) and I am simply LOVING these outfits! I am inspired/jealous/amazed/worshipful.

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