House Guests

Remember how my sister Landen got engaged many months ago and I was really excited that they were going to be moving to Austin?

Well, they are now married (here, have a picture)

and living in Austin.

To our great delight, they decided to live in our same apartment complex.

Unfortunately, the apartment isn’t ready until the end of next week, so they’ve been staying with us since they arrived on August 10th.

Wait, did I say “unfortuantely?” Ben Franklin was wrong – houseguests, at least these ones, are fantastic.

They entertain Ella, they do the dishes, they vacuum and clean the bathroom, they shoo us out of the house after Ella is in bed so we can go on a little date, they buy groceries, they play games with us, they don’t complain about sleeping on the floor, and they compliment my cooking. What more could you ask for?

Having them around has been almost zero hassle, since Ella still naps in her own crib and then spends the night in the pack and play in our closet. We’ve loved having them stay with us (they might be a little tired of sleeping on stack of blankets and living out of suitcases). It’s been fantastic to get to know Landen’s new husband so well (we are big fans of him, although no one likes him more than Ella who follows him around like a little puppy).

If they were moving farther than 1/10 of a mile away, I might weep when they move out.

(Also, it’s not as long as it sounds that we’re hosting them, since they went on a week-long honeymoon a few days after they arrived and then we’re in Dallas this week).

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  1. Well I am sure you are as much the fantastic hosts and they are houseguests! Go them for jumping into married life as house guests.

    I'm so excited for you to have your sister SO CLOSE. I am a wee bit jealous, as I must say that sounds like so much fun! I would love to life by one of my sisters.

  2. I love having guests, too. It's fun to entertain!

    Congrats to your sister, she made a beautiful bride!

  3. You have made me so envious of your house guests! And to have them as neighbors?! How perfect! Tell them to move to my neighborhood when they leave Texas. 🙂 And, will you please follow?

  4. It's like a mirror of my past. That's just how it was when Noelle and Phil first moved to Columbus. I am ecstatic that you get to live by your sister. It's the best thing in the world.

  5. They do sound like perfect guests. I would love the game playing and free babysitting. It will be nice to have them close even as they leave your floor space.

  6. Poor Adam and Landon! hahaha. I just kept thinking, they're newlyweds and don't have their own room?! Oh my. Sounds like a nightmare to me. Although you already know I'm jealous of you having your fabulous sister so close by.

  7. Okay. First I spelled Landen wrong and then I presumed that they didn't have their own room. I'm batting zero here. So sorry about that 🙂

  8. Your sister's little boy looks seriously unimpressed with the whole thing.

    When my sister visits me, she usually asks me to clean up her dog's poop. But I do love her.

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