Eye, Eye

If I could change one thing about my physical self, it would be my eyes.

When I was seven years old, we were at this little city hall place in the middle of nowhere that had a vision checking machine (what is that thing called?), and my sisters and I started goofing around with it. As we prepared to leave, the lady at the desk called my parents aside to tell them that I was practically blind. Whoops.

I had some pretty rockin’ glasses (ha!) until I was about twelve and then I decided I was too cool to wear those glasses (you would have decided that too).Then I got contacts. And I’ve worn them pretty much every day since then, for around 15 hours a day. I would not recommend this. Ouch. I cannot function without my contacts. I have a hard time working out without them because I can’t drive to the gym and I can’t see the TV screens or clock. I can’t cook without them because I cannot read a recipe. It’s hard for me to wear my glasses here, too, because the humidity makes them fog up any time I step outside. Deeply inconvenient. Also, I’ve become a total baby about going outside without my sunglasses and it’s hard to wear both sunglasses and regular glasses.

Looking back, it was pretty inescapable; my dad and mom both wear glasses, as do all of my siblings, except my youngest brother who, we found out, had no peripheral vision on the left side. My other brother got glasses at two years old. My Grannie had glasses at four. Bad vision runs in my family. There is no escape.

Fortunately, I like the way my eyes look. I like being a brown-eyed blonde rather than a blue-eye one (helps to combat that dumb look I have going on). I like having the same eyes as my dad.

And, when Newsweek came today with a picture of a gorilla on it and Bart said he wanted one, I told him that, due to my superior. . .er, dominant, eye color, our kids could have those same gorilla eyes.

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  1. I want a gorilla and a cute little baby with brown eyes. They could play together. Of course, as they grow older, we’ll have to teach the human baby to use knives (think Tarzan, and fighting skills). And the gorilla will just be a pet, not a sibling.

  2. Well, you probably don’t think much of my comment, but you have GORGEOUS eyes. That has nothing to do with quality of vision I know, but they are stunning.

    It’s true they are the window to the soul and I can see a very nice and warm person I would want to be friends with. I’m sure your husband has no trouble looking into your eyes every morning.


  3. I can totally relate. Wait until you hit somewhere in your 40’s and within a month your vision will suddenly take a nose dive, very distressing! I’ve recently learned that lasic surgery is for the young – when the eyes can heal quickly and easily. Wish I’d taken advantage of it about 10 yars ago! Bad vision comes from both sides of your family, unfortunately!! But your beautiful dark brown eyes are maybe from ours? Tara has them too.

  4. Look how adorable you are as a little kid! My entire family is practically blind except for me, somehow I am a mutant among my siblings because I have perfect vision… and they often call me The Mutant when discussing their eye issues. Sigh, it’s always something. ;o)

    Your eyes are beautiful, brown eyes have always been my favorite.

  5. girlfriend, you need to get LASIK!!!!!!! seriously, it’s the best thing ever. And in the end you get to keep your pretty brown eyes even.

  6. I too have horrible eyes. As soon as I’m done having babies so that pregnancy won’t screw up my vision anymore, I’m SO excited to get lasik. As for my kids, at least there’s some hope for them because my hu’band has perfect eyesight!

  7. I feel your pain. I’ve worn contacts since I was 7 (almost 8) years old! I can’t stand to wear glasses (I’m so blind that having no peripheral vision with glasses is a real problem) but luckily it doesn’t bother my eyes to wear my contacts all day, every day. Still, I dream of Lasik.

  8. I did the lasik 11 years ago and it has been wonderful.

    Also, my maiden name is Janssen ~ I love reading your blog : )

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