Reading Schedule for Funny in Farsi

it’s Just about time for March’s Book: Funny in Farsi: A memoir of growing up iranian in america by Firoozeh Dumas

Each Wednesday, starting on March 3, I’ll be chatting about one section of the book on InstaStories and then saving them all to a highlight so you can visit them whenever you’re ready.

Here’s what the March reading/discussion schedule looks like:

  • March 3: Chapters 1 (Leffingwell Elementary School) – 8 (A Dozen Key Chains)
  • March 10: Chapters 9 (You Can Call Me Al) – 16 (It’s All Relatives)
  • March 17: Chapters 17 (Me and Bob Hope) – 22 (The Wedding)
  • March 24: Chapters 23 (I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet) – 26 (If I Were a Rich Man)

Grab a copy – I have a list of places to get a copy for free or super cheap here – and get ready to dive in!

I’m so delighted that you’re part of the Everyday Reading Book Club!

Happy reading,


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