Art Classes on Sale for 50% off!

I’m a huge fan of Sarah Jane Wright (she’s the illustrator for the bestselling Lola Dutch books!) and her art classes are phenomenal.

The classes are normally $65 but you can use the code everyday50 for 50% off through the weekend!

There are 77 video classes (each about 15 minutes long) and you have access to them forever (and your child can do them as many times ad they’d like). They’re designed for kids about 4-11 and they’re TERRIFIC.

Even better, you can use them for every child in your family, so you only need to buy them once and multiple kids can use them!

I shared about these classes over the summer and got so many messages like these:

He just spent an hour of our no-childcare day doing this. Perfect!

So glad you posted about this – I’ve been trying to figure out what to do for homeschool art and this course is perfect!”

They’re a perfect holiday gift (add some good pencils or a pad of drawing paper if you’d like!) and you’ll be so pleased when there’s something fun for your child to do over the holiday break or during those long days of winter when you’re cooped up inside!


P.S. This would also make a great gift to ask grandparents for – so much better than some toy they’ll play with once and then never touch again.