Were You Wondering What I Did Today? Good. . .I Shall Share

June 8, 2007

Today has been by far the best day of this week so far. And tomorrow is Friday, so it’s all uphill from here (why is “uphill” the positive here – when else but in this figure of speech is “uphill” good? When I’m walking or riding a bike, the word “uphill” certainly doesn’t inspire joy or bliss). Tomorrow, after work, we’re going to San Antonio, and I’m very much looking forward to that.

Bart worked from home today, so when I came home for lunch, we made paninis. If your day cannot be made better by a panini, well then, friend, I weep for you. Plus we had tomatoes (this is rare for me because I either have no tomatoes or I have tomatoes that are moldly, neither of which is helpful in the slightest). Life rocks.

Soon after I got home from work, Bart went bike riding with a friend and I stayed home and watched Gilmore Girls. It was such a massive relief to just lie on the love sac and not worry about anything (including the dishes, which, in my generosity, I left for Bart so that he would have something to do while I went to the gym).

And, I bought a skirt tonight. A nice white summer skirt that, shockingly, does not make me look eleven-years-old like my current one. I am doubly excited because my legs look the best they ever have. I’ve always had thin legs (thanks, Dad!), but now I actually have some muscles and such on them which is a definite improvement. This gym thing appears to actually work, much to my shock. Who knew this?? And it seems to work despite my sometimes questionable eating habits. What did I have for dinner tonight? A bowl of ice cream, naturally, with a glass of water. When your husband is off bike riding, one can’t be bothered to go to the effort of heating up leftovers or making ramen noodles.

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