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  • Jeans + ballet flats + bright sweater
    Fashion Pregnancy

    Full term

    Tomorrow is my due date. It’s completely wild that this pregnancy is coming to an end. Overall, I’d say this has been my easiest pregnancy – I’ve been the least tired and had the…

  • Fashion Pregnancy

    38 Weeks

    Going to Palm Springs this past week felt like the last major event before I had this baby. Even though I’m tired of being pregnant at this point (hello, heartburn, poor sleeping, and all…

  • Fashion Pregnancy

    Gray and Black

    It’s so crazy that I only have about a month left of this pregnancy (give or take, since my babies like to come whenever they want, and when they want has always been LATE).…

  • Fashion

    An $8 Problem Solver

    When we lived in London, I wore tights CONSTANTLY. I had a couple of maternity skirts and dresses I liked, but with the cooler weather there, tights weren’t really optional (in fact, one time…

  • Fashion

    A Third Trimester Black Dress

    I made it to 2017 without having a baby! I’m still hoping, of course, that this baby will keep baking for another seven weeks or so, but to be solidly into the thirties is…

  • Fashion

    Black Jeans and 31 Weeks

    I have now reached that point in my pregnancy where I just feel huge. This isn’t helped by the lady in the checkout line who, a few weeks ago, said, “You look like you’re…