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    7 Things I’m Loving Right Now

    I’ve been in Palm Springs most of this week for Alt Summit (a blogging conference I love attending) and it’s just been such a fun, inspiring week. Plus, it’s always a treat for me…

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    My Favorite Podcasts: A Brief List

    I listened to a few podcasts back in 2007, when you had to transfer them from your computer to your iPod before you went to the gym. Then, when we were in London, I…

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    The Beach, a Vintage Car, and White Tuxedos

    One of the things I love about my dad is that he is VERY serious about family photos. There’s none of this “everyone gather round and we’ll shoot with the tripod” business. If you’re…

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    What We’re Giving the Girls This Year

    Last year, one of my most popular posts was about what we were giving the girls for Christmas. I mean, a gift guide is all well and good. But what are normal people actually…

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    Shiny Gold Christmas Cards

    One big plus of moving as much as we have is that we now get a LOT of Christmas cards. Last year, we filled up both of the arches in our entry way, and…